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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amaze GPS Navigation for Blackberry

In the hopes of getting in the habit of blogging a few of my project adventures as they happen, I thought I would share a new experience I had tonight while using this piece of software on my Blackberry Curve 8900. A while ago I was prompted to upgrade my navigation software on my Blackberry. Being a person who loves upgrades, I happily downloaded it. Once done I checked and made sure it was working properly and could detect my GPS which it did happily. There were some noticeable changes to the skin and it prompted me to make sure to upgrade my service from Basic to Pro to enable it's full capability. Figuring this was just a nuisance reminder added between versions, I ignored it. Then tonight we were heading out to dinner with my in-laws to a place I wasn't quite sure how to get to. No problem, I have GPS Navigation software for my Blackberry! As it turns out, since the upgrade, I no longer have GPS Navigation for the Blackberry...apparently they have decided to remove the turn-by-turn navigation feature from the Basic service when upgrading to 5.0.

Oh well, when I got to the restaurant I quickly did a Google search for the old 4.5 version. Happily somebody had it posted, once downgraded I have again free turn-by-turn navigation. Just in case somebody runs into this same problem, I've attached the old version to this post. It was an OTA .jad file, however I believe you can just use the Desktop Manager to install it. They do require that you request a basic login name, but they let me have one using 4.5, so for now it's not locked down. The only thing that is a little annoying is that it prompts you every time you run it that there is an update to the software available. Hopefully soon there will be a port to the Blackberry for Google Maps Navigator that will negate this hassle.



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